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Dentistry for Teens – Tappan, NY

Offering Brighter, Healthier Smiles for Teens

A young female smiling at her dentist

Attempting to schedule a dental appointment for your teenager might seem harder than before. While attempting to navigate around friends, homework, and sports, you want to ensure their oral health stays on track. Fortunately, Smile More Kidz offers dentistry for teens in Tappan that can provide the level of dental care you want for your teenager. By collaborating with you, we can ensure your teen’s teeth and gums remain healthy and strong as they continue on into adulthood by offering everything from regular checkups and cleanings to fluoride treatments to pulp therapy. No matter what your teenager needs, our team will also provide the highest level of service while making sure they’re comfortable and at ease during their visit. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Dental Checkups and Cleanings

A teenage boy in the dentist’s chair while the dentist and dental assistant review a document

There’s no doubt that you and your teenager are constantly on the go. Between school, work, extracurricular activities, and more, finding the time to schedule their six-month dental appointments isn’t easy, but it’s important if you want their oral health to remain on track. Not only do these regular dental checkups and cleanings allow our team the opportunity to check for any problem areas, but it also ensures your child walks away with a clean and healthy smile. Removing hardened plaque and tartar will reduce the risk of gum disease, and pinpointing any potential cavity formations will enable us to implement ways to slow the progression.

Dental Sealants

A young female looks at her smile in the mirror at the dentist’s office

It should come as no surprise that most cavities form on the back teeth. The reason is that not only are they hard to reach and clean effectively, but there are so many nooks and crannies for bacteria and food particles to creep into and hide. When this happens, cavities can begin to form. In order to protect these teeth from decay, Dr. Tong can place dental sealants over the chewing surfaces of these back teeth. These thin, plastic-based sealants not only protect against decay, but they can last for years, allowing your teen’s smile to remain healthier for longer.

Oral Cancer Screening

A young female smiling

While no parent ever wants to learn that their child has oral cancer, it is important that they are screened for it on a yearly basis. Although rare in children and teenagers, oral cancer can develop in the gums, lips, cheeks, throat, and tongue. Early detection is vitally important with this disease, which is why our team will perform a quick and painless screening when your child visits our office for a regular dental checkup and cleaning. By quickly checking their oral cavity and facial structure for any abnormalities, Dr. Tong can determine if there are any areas to be concerned about, and if so, refer you and your teen to a specialist for proper diagnosis.

Fluoride Treatments

A young female lying in the leaves and smiling

There are many ways in which your teenager is exposed to fluoride. From their drinking water to the toothpaste used in their morning and nighttime oral hygiene routine, this natural mineral not only protects against tooth decay, but it also strengthens tooth enamel. Whether your teen struggles with cavities or not, fluoride treatments are beneficial no matter the age. We can quickly and easily apply the fluoride during a regular visit, so there is no need to schedule a separate appointment.

Athletic Sportsguards

A teenage boy playing football with his sportsguard hanging from his helmet

Is your child an athlete? If so, you should take extra precautions to make sure their teeth and soft tissues remain protected while engaging in any type of sport. Dr. Tong can examine their smile, and if necessary, can provide a custom-made sportsguard for your teenager. Not only will these devices protect their smiles from wear and tear and injury, but it will give you the peace of mind you need while cheering them on from the sidelines.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

A young female pointing to her smile

Dr. Tong and his team promise to do everything we can to prevent cavities from forming but unfortunately, they can still develop no matter how hard your teen works to keep decay away. When cavities form, we can provide a tooth-colored filling that is matched to their natural tooth color. After cleaning the tooth and removing the decay portions, we will seal it with a composite resin, which will be sculpted and shaped directly onto the tooth enamel. This will ensure the resin lays flat and blends in with the rest of their smile.

Pulp Therapy

A young female having dental work done

If your teen is experiencing severe discomfort or pain in a particular tooth, you might be looking at more than just a normal toothache. When an infection reaches the inner layers of a tooth, it can affect the pulp and require immediate treatment. To prevent tooth extraction, your pediatric dentist in Tappan can offer pulp therapy, which works by entering the tooth and removing the decayed or damaged portions of the pulp. We will leave any remaining, healthy pulp intact before filling the tooth to prevent reinfection or further injury.


An extracted tooth

As much as we want your teenager to keep their natural, healthy teeth for as long as possible, there are situations that require a tooth extraction in order to prevent their oral health from worsening. You can expect Dr. Tong to recommend an extraction if:

  • A tooth is so severely decayed that pulp therapy is not enough to save it
  • The tooth has been injured and cannot be saved (i.e. knocked-out tooth that is not treated within an hour)
  • When orthodontic treatment is required and in order for it to be successful, teeth must be removed


A female teenager wearing braces

If your teen requires orthodontic treatment, Dr. Tong offers a wide range of solutions that can meet your teenager’s individual wants and needs. From traditional braces with metal brackets and wires to clear braces that use aligners to straighten smiles, we have the right solution for your child. While certain cases require traditional methods to achieve desired results, teens who are self-conscious and who would prefer to receive a subtle, more discreet form of treatment can find help with clear braces.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Two females hugging and smiling

At Smile More Kidz, we know your teenager experiences a lot of pressure to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile, which is why we provide elective cosmetic treatments for teens. Forget the chips, cracks, stains, and discoloration. By offering porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and metal-free restorations, your child’s smile imperfections can be easily and quickly hidden from sight.